6 Ultimate Mobile Games for Google Chromecast

Streaming media players like Google Chromecast can take your smartphone gaming experience to a whole new level by casting your phone’s screen on your big-screen TV.

So don’t let the size of your screen come in the way of your amusement and play these mobile games on your TV using a Google Chromecast.

1. Just Dance Now

Whether you want to head-bang along some Rock music to the likes of ‘I love Rock n Roll’ or swing along with the moves of Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’- Just Dance is the best gaming app that will help you hone your dancing skills and tone your body in a lively way. You can even add an unlimited number of players under the Social Mode and also track and share the number of calories you’ve burned.

2. Tricky Titans

Google Chromecast is a must if you want to play this turn-based game where you and four other players combat  against one another until there is a winner.  This chaotic mobile game comes fun-packed with using trickeries against your contenders, creating your custom titans to protect your village and choosing a number of AI bots or random game players to compete against.

3. Angry Birds League/Friends

Angry Birds Friends (Angry Bird League on Android) lets you try a different approach by enabling you to compete against your friends or against the world’s best shooters when you sign up for a global championship. When you Chromecast it on the television, it gets exciting and fun-packed when you shoot birds in a Christmas or Halloween themed new tournaments that are featured every week.

4. Cardcast

This excellent party game is present on both Android and iOS and is the clone of ‘Cards Against Humanity’. The game comprises of players submitting their responses for an agreed number of rounds to a judge, who in turn awards a point to the best one.


QuizUp is a trivia-based game that can be Chromecasted on a TV. In a multiplayer mode, it lets you challenge quiz wizards from all over the world, and in a private trivia spell, you can test your IQ or GK against your friends. This trivia game covers many areas from science and politics to famous sci-fi. And of course, you can create your own quiz or engage in one of the readymade quizzes.

6. Chess

Somebody exclaimed: chess is everything- Art, science, and sports. Indeed it is, and this game which requires utmost levels of meditation can be played on a big screen- thanks to the ad-free Chromecast version available on Android and iOS. For an online experience, you can pit against a player on the network. You can simply type ‘Chess’ in the respective app stores and find this version.

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