December 24, 2018

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McAfee security software provides the simplest and valuable means for the users so that they can protect their data and identify the virus as they share their files across their connected devices. McAfee software analyses and gathers data on threads from all the files of the consumers. When viruses attempt to get into your PC, McAfee interrupts and remove them. It has many other security features to keep your whole PC files protected.

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McAfee is software that protects your personal information by monitoring your internet connection and makes you aware if anyone is trying to access on your connection. McAfee Protection also includes parental controls that help your kids from opening shady websites and set time to access the internet as per your wish depending on your kids’ study hours and bedtime.

It is an excellent software program that comes with McAfee social protections. This software helps you to scan your social media pages to make sure whatever link or document you are posting on your profile will not get connected with some wrong site or download any virus. 

How to Download McAfee on Windows and Mac

Go through these steps to download McAfee:

  • Allow the webpage to load.
  • Open My Account option.
  • Press on login from the menu list.
  • Enter your email ID and password or if you are not registered already then make a new account.
  • Select the device and software.
  • Hit on Download. 

How to Install McAfee on the gadget

After completing the downloading steps of McAfee setup, go to downloads folder and install the program.

Go through these steps to install McAfee:

  • Once the McAfee setup file gets downloaded, double-click it.
  • Press Agree in the License Agreement.
  • Note the serial number.
  • Go through the guidelines on the window. 

How to Activate McAfee on the gadget

To activate McAfee program is a very simple process. You need to copy your 25 characters alphanumeric product code and then paste it to activate this program.

Go through these steps to activate McAfee:

  • Locate the installed McAfee program, and double-click on it.
  • Press on subscription.
  • Choose the Activate option.
  • Type the product activation code.
  • Go through the on-screen prompts.
  • Select the native and language.
  • Type the right region.
  • Type the activation key and email address.
  • Press on the activation tab after confirming the written data.

You can also activate the McAfee program by going to

How to operate McAfee

After completing the McAfee updates, you have to confirm whether your McAfee antivirus recognizes all the new kinds of virus and malicious key. To make your system secure, it is essential to update the files. McAfee has a feature of getting the updates automatically to the users of downloading and installing process. But the users have to update this software by themselves.

Go through these steps to know how to operate McAfee:

  • Make sure you should be connected to the internet.
  • Choose Applications from the Start menu list or port.
  • Press on your McAfee antivirus.
  • Choose the Update Now option located at the left corner of the window, after opening McAfee.
  • Then press on Start Update.
  • Wait for the program to get updated. 

How to Run Scans and Updates

You can click on the option to set the McAfee antivirus program to install and download updates automatically. There is also an option of scanning automatically.

Go through these steps to know how to scan and update McAfee automatically:

  • Open Applications.
  • Choose the McAfee antivirus from the menu list.
  • Permit the program to start.
  • Choose Preferences.
  • Go to the lock icon located at the left corner to change the McAfee antivirus settings.
  • Type user ID and password for the device.
  • Permit the Threat Prevention prompt to come.
  • Open the On-access tab. Press on scan files and select Read and Write option.
  • Navigate to scan and tick the square icon following Archives and Compressed data.
  • Open the On-demand option and make sure that the square beside Archives and compressed data is selected already.
  • Choose the Update option.
  • Hit on Schedule.
  • Move over to anti-malware update and then select how often and type the time.
  • After that, press the Confirm tab located at the right side of the window.

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