Google Chrome Extensions That One Must Install

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser that has been developed by Google LLC. Initially, it was released for Microsoft Windows and was later ported to macOS, Linux, and Android. Google Chrome is one of the most prominent components of Chrome OS that serves as a platform required to run the web apps. Chrome is a proprietary software. Google Chrome browser’s features are outstanding with irreplaceable extensions.


If you are a creative social media user, then you will be aware that posting multiple updates altogether will get two things done. First will be that you will irritate many followers because you are entering their timeline. Second is that you are not posting at the proper time. Many tools are there that promise to do this for you, but Buffer is one of the best among them all. The first great advantage is no of services that it provides support to such as the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Customers who have paid will also get Instagram and Pinterest. The free plan is more than enough for multiple people. To use that extension click right on the page that you want to share and select the Buffer menu option. You may also tap the Buffer icon next to URL bar.

HTTPS everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere has been built by Electronic Frontier Foundation and is self-explanatory. It pushes all URL to open as a safe site. Many people do not get free security certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Many web hosting providers will auto-install it for you. If a secure site doesn’t have HTTPS, then the plugin is useless. Most of the big name sites such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc have one.

Incognito Tab Switch

Lori has recently shown how to use and activate Incognito in Chrome. To enable it usually, you just need to go to File>New Incognito Window. You can also install Incognito Tab Switch. Despite of having so much of benefits of Chrome, there are many disadvantages too. One biggest drawback is that more tabs you open, more memory is used. The lower memory means slower speeds.

Privacy Badger

It is another invention of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Privacy Badger is quite similar to Adblock or Ghostery. It is very beneficial that whenever you got to any site, then it will itself detect social media widgets, videos, trackers and other issues. It also blocks even the worst of them. Some of the sites are not going to work till you either close site or plugin off for that site only. Every single tracker is categorized. Red is bad, Yellow is average, and green is fine. You can disable plugins for each of the sites. It is usually accurate regarding what gives rise to an online threat.


PushBullet has been around for many times, but it is excellent in pushing links of websites and files in between the devices. With the help of Pushbullet, you can push a link to the registered gadget. It begins within seconds. You can tell your gadget to ping a notification to you when it does. You can also send it to the browser. Whenever you open browser either on current PC or some other, the link will open. You can open an account on Pushbullet website. When you are done with the installation, log in details of your account. Start pushing the links now, selling them is extremely easy.

Chrome is full of amazing extensions but finding gems is still tricky. Best of lists are also subjective.

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