How is Technology Improving Physical and Mental Health?

With the development of technology, we are becoming acutely aware of what affects our health and how we can compensate it. Medical advancement now has allowed us to save ourselves from a severe illness. It has provided us with knowledge of the human body that helps us to stay fit and healthy. Technology has also contributed to improving our mental and physical health. The latest advancement in technology and medicine continue to make life better for billions of people.  Some of the technological advances that help in improving mental and physical health are:

1- Mobile Applications

Fitness and Medical apps are constantly popping up for both iPhone and Android users. They have been made for meeting almost every need. There are several diet tracking apps, workout apps, fitness apps, and apps even to help women track their menstrual cycle. Health apps are helping in abundance to keep people healthy and out of hospital today. These apps promote healthy behaviors and engagement in overall health by keeping the users accountable and able to see the results of their efforts. A vast majority of app users have agreed that these devices help them in staying healthier, almost 96% of people have said that apps help in improving their lives.

2- Wearable Trackers

Wearables often work with the mobile apps to track the user’s lifestyle and activity levels. It makes it easy for the users to report data to themselves and the doctors. Wearable allow users to personalize goals and see historical data about their lifestyle. Wearable also offers Sleep Tracking. Some popular wearables brands include Fitbit, Garmin, and Runtastic. 

3- Telemedicine

In a rural area. It’s very difficult to get to a doctor when you are very sick. Telehealth solves many of these problems by offering the patients services over the live video, phone, email, and wireless tools. Instead of coming to the doctor’s office for a consultation, some services can be provided that will help in reducing the travel time and healthcare cost. Almost 75% of nurses have agreed that telemedicine makes their jobs easier. Telemedicine also makes appointments much simpler for everyone.

4- Fisher Wallace Stimulator

Mental illness affects the overall quality of life in some palpable ways. People who suffer from problems like anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) face severe trouble in getting relief due to limited treatment. These illness affect their ability to cope up with the stressful situations and even everyday activities.

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is a headband that can be used to cure depression and PTSD as well. Headband uses electric current for stimulation of brain which can help in improving symptoms of depression. People who don’t want to take medication can always go for these reliable options.

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