How to Transform Your Phone into a Document Scanner

You can combine good cameras and smartphones for efficient mobile scanning. Scanning photos and documents with your phone is a mixed bag, but thankfully there are some ways through which you can scan the items and get excellent results. A dedicated scanner is fantastic to have if you have to scan a large handful of the documents. But for scanning a couple of documents, you can readily use your mobile.

1- Look for the scanner in your pocket

This is not really a newly emerged idea. Scanner apps have been in the market as long as the smartphones. Apps have drastically improved themselves present years. Cameras of the phone have improved hugely.

2- Scannable by Evernote for iOS

Scannable by Evernote is for iOS users only. But needless to worry, Microsoft Office Lens is highly recommended for Android users. Scannable is a top choice if you are already a user of Evernote. Try to consider Office lens if you have saved your document in OneNote. You can also checkout AdobeScan that is relatively a newcomer in his space. Its availability is for both the platforms. It relies on Adobe’s own cloud service for storage.

There are innumerable other options. Many of them platform-agnostic can scan no of cloud services in place of a few. If there is some other scanning app that you like which are better than these, then you can choose them.

3- The ol’-tap-and scan trick

With the help of Scannable, you just put your document so that it fits within the viewfinder. The app will auto capture it, straighten, sharpen and improve quality of the image. Along with a receipt, it eliminated fold marks from the scan and evened out the career that are entirely of different contrast. You will really like how it does make short work of various documents. Once you capture this page, it’s immediately ready for next one.

As you are done with the scan, just click checkmark icon for reviewing each page in the side-scrolling tray. Scannable makes the whole of the scanning process really easy. It auto upload to Evernote once you are done. You also have the option to share a scan through email or usual iOS share options. You need to remember to rename it before you send it. It will be named as Scannable Document filename by default.

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