Tips and Tricks for Making Google Home the Ultimate Nightstand Accessory

Google Home is a wonderful device for smart homes. You can use it in the kitchen to get help with recipes, stream music when you take a shower, or set reminders when you are at your work desk. Well, it is also handy in the bedroom. In this blog, we will discuss the different ways to transform Google Home speakers into the best nightstand companion.

Ways to turn your Google Home into the ultimate bedroom accessory

  • Turn Google Home into a smart alarm clock

Do you often wake up late for work? Well, you can turn your Google Home device into an alarm clock. Just bear in mind that the Google Home alarms are not very advanced.For this reason, it quite easy to set the alarm. Simply activate the device by saying Ok Google. After that, ask the Google assistant to set the alarm. You can set the alarm for one-time use or set a recurring one. If you want to catch some extra Z’s, then just ask the Google Assistant to snooze the alarm.

Canceling and resetting alarms is reasonably easy as well. Just ask Google to cancel a particular alarm. When you have finally woken up, just ask Google Assistant to stop the alarm. Or else, just tap the head of the Google Home device.

  • Receive daily morning updates

Google Home is equipped with an amazing feature named My Day. This feature provides updates regarding the weather forecast, traffic, approaching events, etc. Users can enable this feature, and they can also tweak it to play their favorite news after the personal updates have been given. To know about the updates, just ask the voice assistant to tell you about your day.

If you want to turn on and set up this feature, just unblock your connected phone and tap on the Google Home application. Navigate to More Settings, and select My Day from the list of options. Now, you can select what you want to add in the update.

  • Noise machine

Do you have trouble falling asleep and are tired of counting sheep? Well, for some people, white noise or nature sounds works. If you keep a Google Home device on your nightstand, then you can just play white noise on it. You can ask Google to play natural sounds, relaxing sounds, river sounds, oscillating fan sounds, etc. If you have a furry baby who suffers from separation anxiety, then you can ask Google to play ambient noise when you leave your pet alone.

However, the ambient noise audio will only get played for up to sixty minutes.

  • Play audiobooks

Reading before going to sleep is an age-old tradition. Users can now play audiobooks on Google Home. Users can buy and stream audiobooks via the Google Home on Android, iPhones, iPads, and the web. Just ask Google Assistant to read the book. You can also get more information regarding the book and its author. In order to stop the audiobook play, just ask the Google Assistant to stop. You can also schedule it by saying, “Ok Google, stop playing in ten minutes.”

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